Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yangshuo - The Great Scenic Area

 In Guanxi people always say that Guilin has the most beautiful scenery of the world, and Yangshuo has the best of all. The whole place is covered with unique hills and stunning waterways. More than 20,000 hills and 16 rivers are named. Yangshuo has over 100 scenic spots, they are the Yanti scenic spot on the Li River,  scenery area of Fuli, scenery area in Gaotian, Xingping, Liu Park on the Li River and Yangshuo town itself, just to name a few. And the most popular way to visit all these places is by bicycle. Others include Motorbikes and electric public buses. You can easily rent a bicycle all along the popular West Street or from your hotel itself. Alternatively, you can also opt for cheap and all inclusive holidays here.
 During the evening, West Street is the most visited place in Yangshuo. All kind of goods and foods can be found. Local and Western food are available everywhere. Bars are also plenty. My only advice is to ask for price before you order because everyone in this town are tourists. Including shopping, bargain to your lowest price as much as 80% discounts and beware of pick-pockets.   

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