Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Erawan Museum - Samut Prakan

 The Erawan Museum is one of the latest attraction in Bangkok. It comprises of a building with a huge 3 headed elephant structure on top. The weight of the elephant's head by itself  is 100 tons, and the weight of the elephant is 150 tons. The total height of the building and the elephant is 43.6 meters. The elephant itself is 29 meters high x 12 meters width x 39 meters length. 
 The interior of this building is made of mostly antiques china wares. The objective of this mix modern building with antiques finishes is to educate the new generation on the use of compass and rudder for vessels, and at the same time the use of arts and heritage that has been long collected and high in value. And also to introduce to the other side of the world the Asian traditions and culture.  
1967: Lek Viriyaphant was inspired by his wish to preserve his collection of antiques which include sacred and auspicious deities believe by people of ancient time to grant abundance to their lands and countries. One day, Lek had a visit from a Westerner guest who during the conversation mentioned the idea  of constructing an apple-shaped building in town according to westerners cultural belief. Inspired by the idea, Lek planned to build an elephant-shaped building based on the Eastern belief on Erawan Elephant. However, he didn't perceive the elephant as the vehicle of God Indra. Instead he imagined it as a Cosmic Elephant. When the idea took shape in a drafted design, he then assigned his oldest son Phakphian Viriyaphant to continue the project.    
Located at Samut Prakan, Thailand.  To get there by bus, take the bus no 25, 142 or 365. Air-con bus no 102, 507, 508, 511 and 536 from Bangkok.
The admission fee is 150 baht for adult and 75 baht for children of Thai citizen. For foreigner, adult is 300 baht and 150 baht for children, which is expensive for an Asian tourists.

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